How have I not yet posted about the hilarity of the trip that was Amsterdam?! Fail… Its so far back now that I don’t even remember half of it (though that could have been down to the ‘vibe’), but luckily I did some writing while I was out there which I’ve just found! So, here are my ramblings from my trip to Amsterdam…and some pictures too!

Well its been a while in the making, but here I am in Amsterdam, coffee shops galore! The people are lovely, the city is beautiful, and the coffee shops…wow. Not that I’ve gone full blown tourist and smoked away my whole time here thus far. Me and my partner in crime have wandered the streets of our quaint suburb of Haarlem. For anyone that’s interested in visiting Amsterdam, I would definitely recommend staying in Haarlem- it’s nicer, cheaper, and though quite a way out of the main hub, definitely worth it. Despite being called Haarlem, I think it resembles a Dutch version of Bath. Organic food, tea rooms, fancy restaurants, lovely! They even had a rather impressive flower festival on our last day…but back to the beginning!

After a beautifully sunny bus ride into Haarlem from the airport, we stepped off into a rather brutal hailstorm which proceeded to destroy our rather flimsy map every time it was exposed. However, we eventually arrived at our Wimdu destination and were pleasantly surprised by our lovely little attic room above an organic restaurant equipped with two very comfy beds, a chandelier, and a kitchen with fridge and freezer at our disposal – not too shabby!

So after enjoying a glass of wine with our landlords, we ventured out to find Haarlems nightlife and found ourselves at an open mic night…of pretentious proportions. Deciding we stuck out a little too much in our travelling gear, we got directions to the nearest coffee shop where we purchased a modest amount of hash and proceeded to terrorise a lovely lad from Finland with twenty questions. He seemed a little slow, and after 2 tokes of his spliff I could see why. Good christ. There’s a reason its called super skunk. Once we could no longer keep it together, we embraced the streets in hysterics and laughed our way home. Not a bad first day! Although there was slight embarrassment when we couldn’t make the key work when we got back…shockingly our landlord had no problem when we finally went to ask for assistance…

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