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Ngaio Anyia

Ngaio's neo-jazz makes an impression. A compelling meld of Jill Scott sermonising, Erykah Badu incandescent nu-soul backed by hypnotic hip hop beats mixed into each other by the women herself who is also an aspiring DJ - recently closing new Gas Tower stage at Glastonbury's party quarter, Shangri-La this year (2017). Saturated in feeling and graced by superior musicianship, her sets keep you guessing and always end with a bang!

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‘You Don’t Know Leroy? That Means I’m Blacker Than You’

The darling comment in the headline above was said to me by an inebriated caucasian while I was waiting for my taxi after DJing at the Plough recently. He told me he’d lived in Easton his whole…
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Hair Politics

This week I declined the invitation to play at an upcoming festival that I'd been invited down to review for Bristol 24/7 last year. Due to a sense of loyalty to the organisers I allowed myself to be…
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RIP Aretha Franklin, Never Forgotten

The Queen has left us, Miss Aretha Franklin. Aretha you did so much for me you'll never know. You showed me what it was to be black and proud growing up in a tiny town with not another brown face in…
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Special Guest Mix on FlexFM

Special Guesting on Kaizen Karnak's first Saturday show on Flex FM with Skeelo was a VIBE! Had a little interview before going into the mix for 45 mins and then a B2B with the man himself to…
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It’s ok to not be ok

I'm absolutely gutted to say that I won't be able to attend Boomtown Fair to open the Poco Loco stage at Chapter 10 this year due to unforeseen circumstances. I’ve been looking forward to…
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Bristol Love

I can't believe it's taken me this long to write about the amazing things that have been happening but it’s been mad busy so I'm letting myself off. To kick off with the most important recap.... ST…
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Chatting Independent: Fantale Fans

Fantale Fans, born by Creative Director Anna Louise-Taylor, arrived onto the Bristol scene with more than a bit of a flourish earlier this month. With eye-catching designs that beg for an…
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Inclusion – What It Means To Me

Following on from my thankful list made in Committing To A Multi-Hyphen Life I want to go into a bit more detail on each of the points I made - starting with my role working as Inclusion Officer…
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Wow, I can't actually believe the amount of love that came back from that last post - you guys are so awesome. I definitely think my best when I'm away from home (super helpful) in terms of self…
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Committing to a Multi-Hyphen Life

I feel quite emotional today. Partly because it's the Tuesday after Love Saves The Day and my body is feeling more than a little abused, but mostly because I don't remember the last time I felt this…
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