Singer // DJ // Writer // Model //  Host

A powerhouse of a performer

A live vocalist and DJ, Ngaio’s natural neo-jazz style and deft knowledge of electronic selections has seen her make a serious impression on music scenes in the UK and internationally.

A compelling meld of Jill Scott’s sermonising and Erykah Badu’s incandescent nu-soul – with the vocals to back it up – Ngaio draws on her vast knowledge of hypnotic hip hop beats to create something classic and completely new at the same time. Conscious lyrics documenting modern day society sung with a style that wouldn’t have seemed out of place in the 1940s, her musical influences can be heard throughout. The heart wrenching emotion from Nina Simone matched with the playful delivery of Ella Fitzgerald and the ferocity of Etta James makes her performances ones to remember.

Never one to rest of her laurels, in 2016 Ngaio decided to turn her hand to DJing. After an 8 week course she was booked to close the newest stage at 2017’s Glastonbury’s party quarter, Shangri-La, the Gas Tower. Freestyling, lyricising and energising all over her on point selections, she sang tracks from her debut EP throughout, released Konichiwagwarn records.

After a summer of performances Ngaio set up her own night – Booty Bass – which received support throughout Bristol and landed her 2 monthly residencies as well as guest spots around the UK. Saturated in feeling and graced by the superior musicianship of a true artistic spirit, this is a one woman show/live set that has feeling and musical education at the heart, surprising crowds with new music from around the world with DJ sets that blend world music with popular UK bass music.

A strong advocate for inclusion and increasing diversity within the industry, Ngaio’s lyrics recount her experiences growing up as a mixed race female in British society in a way that touches the soul. She has spoken publicly  about the part she played in organising the Black Lives Matter march in Bristol in 2016 and will be doing a talk on  Reclaiming Space as a POC in predominantly white sectors at Boomtown Fair this year. After working in events, as a journalist for and as a professional performer, Ngaio has been exploring ways to reclaim space as a POC colour through music, art and discussion, in a positive way and is focussed on getting the arts into deprived communities to make them accessible for everyone. 




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