Committing to a Multi-Hyphen Life

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Committing to a Multi-Hyphen Life

I feel quite emotional today. Partly because it’s the Tuesday after Love Saves The Day and my body is feeling more than a little abused, but mostly because I don’t remember the last time I felt this proud of myself. It feels weird to say. Maybe it’s a woman thing or a British thing that whenever we feel great about ourselves it’s boastful, or crass, or undignified, but…fuck that.

A month ago I quit my full time job to invest in myself. Just me. Alone. And Jesus, I was terrified. Terrified because, who the hell do I think I am? I’ve got a god damn mortgage and a cat! Who’s going to feed the fucking cat when I crash and burn?! (Sidenote – turns out that’s not an issue, my friends visit him more than me). Seriously though, what was going to happen when it all fell apart?

Now, I think it’s important to recognise that this is only the first month and it’s still very early days but I have achieved so much in such a short time and it’s not only catapulted my confidence but also made me realise that the only thing that was holding me back – the only thing that holds most people back, is fear.

On bank holiday Monday I hosted a book launch for Emma Gannon’s The Multi Hyphen Method in conjunction with Bumble – a company focussed on empowering women and encouraging them to make the first move in life, love and work. I’m saving it for my holiday read but the Q&A with her publisher and then the audience at The Florist was inspirational. No longer are we living in a society where there’s a blueprint to success – more and more we are having to learn how to be creative and flexible.

I took a chance on myself when I left the 9-5 and I can already tell the work/life balance is going to be tricky, because I love my jobs – all 25 of them! (I joke, it’s more like 7) but it can be hard to measure your success when you’re travelling around on a little island for one. So I’m going to try my hardest to update this blog every week with what’s been going on – even if it’s just for myself – so that when I’m having a WTF day, I can look back and see what I’ve achieved. 

With that in mind, my upcoming blogs will be revelling in the awesome things that have been occurring including:

  1. Getting a 1 day a week job as Inclusion Officer for Artspace Collective and The Invisible Circus
  2. Singing at my best friends wedding
  3. Singing at St George’s – my favourite acoustic venue in Bristol
  4. Getting awesome feedback for my One Dance x Abra cover
  5. DJing at Love Saves The Day (first time!)
  6. DJing at Motion (first time!)
  7. DJing at a Red Bull party (first time!)
  8. Receiving 2 wicked remixes back from tracks off my debut EP
  9. Decorating my house
  10. Going to a Thatchers tasting evening

It’s been a good month xx


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