Ecuador, Baños: Literally translated as toilet….


Ecuador, Baños: Literally translated as toilet….


t’s hard for me to not judge Baños too harshly considering it was on arrival that I realised the inevitable had happened… My laptop had been stolen out of my backpack on the bus journey. All my music written, the essay due in 3 days that had taken 2 weeks to write, and all my music, pictures etc – gone.

I arrived tired, sad and lonely. So in true boozy Brit style I bought a bottle of rum and drank a majority of it on an empty stomach-can’t say I slept much that night. I did however meet some wicked people, who really were the saving grace of the trip. And the hostel I was in (D’Mathias) was so good. Really friendly atmosphere, $6 a night for dorms that were cleaned everyday. A roof terrace, pool table, and living room with an impressive collection of DVD’s and a communal computer with internet and wifi on every floor.

I have to say I spent most of my 5 nights there in the hostel licking my wounds, re-writing my essay and trying to find the police station to report my laptop theft.

Whilst I was there it turned out to be the Baños fiesta of independence which was great. A four hour carnival procession outside the hostel and down the Main Street followed by 2 days of celebration.

That night we went to the ‘Why Not?’ Bar because well…why not?! Followed by the Leprachaun bar which was more gringo heavy, and lively. We entered to “Get Lucky”, so clearly an instant winner. Due to it being a small town everything was done by 2am  and after following someone promising cheap drink and smoke we realised we’d become somewhat surrounded by strangers so retreated back to our hostel.

All in all I enjoyed Baños, though I do miss my laptop and all the programs that I lost with it. Just another lesson on how little we need material things, and to never leave a bag overhead on the bus. And that in the aftermath of a less favourable experience, you can be rewarded with finding new friends. My last night transpired into an engagement party for a lovely German couple who plied us with beer while we made sweet sweet music on the rooftop overlooking the town, lovely.


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