First week (or so) in Trujillo


First week (or so) in Trujillo

This morning is the first that I’ve felt mildly able to account for my time thus far. Having landed and settled in with my Peruvian family I’ve been frantically trying to learn Spanish as quickly as humanly possible whilst also finishing my online TEFL course and do my Open Uni readings… I do like to give myself a challenge!

But now the TEFL is completed and I can report on the adventure. My Peruvian host family is awesome, really chilled out and helpful. My atrocious Spanglish and their basic English has meant communication is based on body language and guess work which is refreshing and rewarding when you both finally understand the most simplest of sentences together. They’ve said they’re impressed at how quickly I’m learning though so that’s encouraging. I’ve also changed all my internet browsers and my phone into Spanish…which seemed like a brilliant idea at the time but is proving confusing…

Other English speakers here are my American doctor buddies who are on the medical program and…considering I’ve only been here 10 days, I have laughed far more than expected. We went out to AMA which is THE club in Trujillo, on Halloween, and wow. I thought I should be conservative-ish – pfft. I should know by now that ravers are ravers everywhere, my outfit was ‘jazzed up’ (or down…whatever) immediately and the club was hilarious. Think old school R&B (Donnell Jones was dropped) mixed with Peruvian dancehall. Amazing. Definitely going back tonight.

So that was Thursday. On Friday we went to the famous Huanchaco beach twenty minutes away for sunbathing and surf lessons. Now, I’m not sure how I thought surfing worked…but doing the plank whilst balancing on a wave and then jumping up in two separate moves and proceeding to balance for more than 0.2 seconds was ambitious. Nevertheless, I tried it! And the wetsuit wasn’t quite as unflattering as it could have been so that was a bonus.

More soon xxx

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