Happy Wednesday!

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Happy Wednesday!

I love those inspiring weeks! 

You know some days when you just wake up and you’re like yeah, everything’s gonna be ok. I’m not  perfect, the world’s not perfect but perfection is a myth and fuck it, I’m happy so I’m gonna sprinkle that happiness onto everyone.

That’s the kind of mood I was in, and it lasted ALL WEEK.

Then then this week I’d tired myself out by being so happy and things took a bit of a dip on Tuesday so I wallowed like a melodramatic wallower before tackling a

situation  and waking up today


Because of this, I’m reclaiming Wednesdays. They get a bad rep for being that mid-week day when everyone’s just waiting for the weekend to arrive. But when I was talking to a friend recently he made the very good point that time is just in our heads. After pay-day comes and the resulting elation you feel begins to dwindle sooner every month until you get a pay rise/new job and the cycle starts again, people are just counting the days until the month is over and they can breathe again.

How depressing. That we’re counting each day to go by until we can relax by either ‘living for the weekend’ which seems to have been translated into ‘get as wasted as possible and try to shake the resulting hangovers by the time work comes round again’ or getting more money.

So… Fuck money. Fuck the idea that relief and release depends on something outside of your control. Be happy in being here, living life, having the opportunities that are available to you and be grateful. Spread some love and joy and happiness around you when you’ve got some to spare because even if you spend a little more effort smiling at someone you don’t know, they might need that smile. They might really appreciate that little bit of human connection that doesn’t cost you anything. And you’ll feel better for it too! 

So yeah, HAPPY VIBES ALL AROUND Beautiful people!!

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