New Year, New Fun!


New Year, New Fun!

Well well, Happy New Year to all who I haven’t said it to yet. I have to say, I am rather excited about what this year has to bring. We’ve barely skimmed the half way January mark and behold, I have a 12-month plan in place. Knowing me, it will change daily but it’s always nice to have something to look forward to isn’t it?! I’ve found that its much easier to power through the tougher days/weeks when I know I have something to look forward to at the end of it. For instance, to shake off my post-xmas January blues, I am currently on the train to go and visit friends and family very spontaneously and I’m already feeling on top of the world! It’s a beautiful sunny day, I’ve managed to bag myself a table on the train (which was a ½ price deal, otherwise it would be coach-lucks on my side!), they have the heating up on full and I’ve got a brilliant packed lunch of home made red pepper hummus, mixed salad, and a freshly cracked coconut (by me, for the first time!) in my bag- ahh life’s little pleasures!

It’s been a while since my last blog, which is probably why I’m babbling, so to get you up to date, I’m now eating conventional food again. Post diet, I’m a size 12 and loving it (although not loving the few extra pounds that xmas was kind enough to bring). I think I’m now just getting used to finding my own style. Although I had a certain way of dressing before, I don’t think I felt like I could pull off any of the looks I’d like to. The problem now is that I have so many ideas, and looks that I want to try and absolutely no cash to back it up! In fact my purse strings are well and truly frayed due to the amount that they’ve been pulled. I’m very proud of myself from walking away from this amazing purple fur coat from top shop that I spied en route to catching my train today. Why I even tortured myself by going in in the first place I don’t know, but there it was- beautiful, in my new size and £60 off…I made a swift exit…

I recently finished my third assignment in my Open Uni course. Now, not to be a bragger but I must say I am doing rather well – much better than I ever thought I would. Its really nice to get such a boost from learning, I’d forgotten how much I enjoy it! I have recently booked a flight to NYC for a month, yes I said it, a MONTH!!! I’m beyond excited. Not only do I get to go to the city I’ve been dreaming about since Sex and The City / Friends entered my life but I finally get to go and see the New York School of Jazz. I’ll never be able to afford to go but I can’t wait to just look around, meet the tutors, and see if I could actually get in (after I’ve completed all my grades and music theory…dullsville!). It’s been said before, but the website is so very nearly there. Had a look at it the other day and its coming on really well, just need to tidy up a bit here and add in a bit there and then we’re flying. However, for me it must be up by the end of the month so if need be I’ll stick up a ‘coming soon’ page and get the others up there so at least there’s a place to go and get in touch with me, and check out all upcoming gigs, if you so wish!

Talking about gigs, I kicked off the New Year with a blaster at The St George’s Acoustic Music Festival. The boys and me did 6 tunes, all originals, and were tight, as you like! The sounds in that place really is amazing, whenever I stand on that stage I feel so much history. Thinking of people I’ve seen perform there before me is a very special thing. So let me say a big thank you to Jelli Records for inviting me to play there and treating us so well. That was the first time I’ve ever been given a green room. When I inquired where I could find a tap, someone bought me a bottle of water 5 minutes later, I felt like a celebrity! Parts of the set will be broadcast on BCFM Radio, I’ll let you know when so you can lend your ears! I’ll also get the file of the whole thing so I can put it on the website so you can listen at your leisure.

Righty, I think that’s about all you need to know for this month, apart from- catch me at Plantation on the 11th Feb and at The Croft supporting DJ Derek on the 25th Feb – I’ll be there, with the boys, original songs on hand, and at some point, the newly refurbished Hop House… For all news please refer to my page until the website’s up and running, and pass on to your friends, family, acquaintances and annoyances, and get me heard! I thank you in advance.

Until next time, chin up, shake of the January blues, there’s always something to look forward to!

Much love xox

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