Song For Sandra

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Song For Sandra

I would be surprised if you haven’t heard the name Sandra Bland over the last few days.

Facebook has been rife with youtube videos, first of a clearly edited video of her ‘arrest’.

Then an unedited version that showed just how unnecessary the whole ordeal was in the first place.

And then, possibly the most heartbreaking, her videos.

I can’t express with words how deeply this has cut me, and people everywhere. This woman was not a racist, she was not aggressive, she was not a yob, she was an activist.

And she spoke the truth. And then on her way to a job interview she was pulled over, treated like shit, and reported dead three days later.

I have cried for her. Since the coroners inquest came back confirming a ‘suicide’, I haven’t been able to think about much else.

So I wrote this for her. I wrote this song for Sandra because her life mattered. Black lives matter.

Rest in Peace Sista xxx

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