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Hair Politics

This week I declined the invitation to play at an upcoming festival that I'd been invited down to review for Bristol 24/7 last year. Due to a sense of loyalty to the organisers I allowed myself to be…
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Cypress Hill Interview #FanGirl

Cypress Hill, one of the most versatile and iconic hip hop acts of a generation, are playing at what is arguably one of the most trailblazing music festivals on offer (no I'm not biased...)…
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Fashion Fun

When someone asks "so, what have you been up to?" I find myself having to judge that situation very quickly to avoid embarrassment because some people (normally close friends) genuinely want to know…
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LSTD 2015

  I cannot believe how long it's taken me to write about Love Saves The Day. In my defence, I was up in Birmingham getting job training for the  month and only managed to shoot back for the…
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Festivality Casualty

  Having barely recovered from Secret Garden Party, along comes Boomtown! Now, I love a festival as much as the next raver. I fully  embrace my hippy side by wearing mismatched…
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