Teaching, Living, and Appreciating


Teaching, Living, and Appreciating

Well, after 5 days of chord finding, songwriting, singing, teaching, assisting, camping, camp-fireing and lighter-lifeing in the great outdoors I must say that when I got to Wiviliscombe I was knackered to the point of falling into the spare room at my aunt and uncles house after a well deserved bath and sleeping until my cousin got up the next morning- she’s 8, it was early. 

Now that I’ve had some time to re-couperate though I must say I’ve realized how much I do love the countryside. Having lived in Wales from age 5-9 and having to deal with the racial issues that come with being the only ethnic person in a small town where everybody talks, a part of me had decided that yes the countrys nice for a visit, but ultimately not to live…thankfully I’ve realized that’s completely untrue. It doesn’t mean that I’m going to move to the country tomorrow, I love Bristol life way too much for that, but its definitely something to consider when old age comes a-calling. This is enhanced by the fact that I’m at this moment sunbathing in a beautiful garden with nothing in the distance except fields and the blue skys- not too shabby!

Back to my last fun-filled week, being workshop assistant at Imayla’s Music and Film Camp was even more brilliant than I thought it was going to be. Yes it was cold, and rained almost everyday (except the day we went home…typical!) but the energy that came from everyone there was what kept me going. There’s no better feeling than helping someone make something that they’re proud of. The inspiration I get from working with young people is next to none. The ideas that come out, the melodies and the words, it reminds you of how hard it is being younger, and even though I still feel like a young person, and am in a lot of ways, I think that the resilience in people to withstand whatever’s thrown at them and still manage to look at the world in a positive way is remarkable.

The whole experience was amazing, and the last day where it all comes together and everyone shows each other their work is the biggest pay-off. It was emotional and beautiful and is already being reminisced about. I can’t wait to get the DVD/CD’s so I can re-live it all again! I definitely need to look into working with young people a lot more in the future, there’s nothing like it.

In terms of next week, I’ll be doing some evaluating of the week just passed and then I’m off to Shambalah to perform COMPLETELY by myself, which has never been done before. I will be armed with only my acoustic for company, just hope I can keep it together for the full set- its only 20 mins so I’m feeling fairly hopeful. And then I get to go off and enjoy the entire festival, well I’ll be coming back on Saturday so pretty much all of it.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention, the website is very nearly ready. It’s all been designed, all I need to do is put in all the relevant text and update the gallery and then we’re ready for launch baby!!! Watch this space….

Once again, much love. Update you soon xox

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