Those Little Demons…


Those Little Demons…

Be aware of those little inner demons that creep out when you least expect it. They tell you you’re not good enough, not strong enough, not brave enough, not beautiful enough – and they’re wrong.

Last week was so hard, though I try my best to look like I’m keeping my shit together and see bright side of life, having to question the thing that I define as ‘me’ sent me on a pretty self destructive couple of days. And I expect, knowing my ‘coping mechanisms’ that there will be more, so to all my friends I ignore when they remind me I’m not meant to be drinking..or talking..or smoking..or raving.. Sorry. Please don’t stop.

I’m actually going to restart writing my blog to get through this time because words are still my solace, but they don’t always have to be heard.

So, come here if you want to come on my journey with me – who knows where it’s going to go…

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