Vilcabamba: Loja, Ecuador


Vilcabamba: Loja, Ecuador

Vilcabamba…. What a beautiful town. Located an hour away from Loja in the mountains it’s known for a laid back lifestyle and living healthy atmosphere being home to worlds largest population of elderly people….which is reflected in the nightlife…

I went out once for my birthday to a place called Breakys and it was very bizarre. Harlem Shake and Britney Spears techno remixes where dropped after a Michael Jackson medley followed by some ‘salsa on speed’ and then some more techno. Of the 25 people that were there I’d say 6 of us were under 35. Very bizarre.

What I found with Vilcabamba was that it is beautiful, and for a 2 day visit getting massages after a hike it would be perfect. I stayed for 9 days due to illness and funds in my Eco lodge and had a great time but the town is full of tourists who have migrated there to set up base for a Nazi apocalypse (no I’m not joking). A lot of them are self proclaimed healers who drink a lot and talk at you about conspiracy theories.

Rumi Wilco
 Luckily I only met a couple of these but they are everywhere, huge characters living in this town together talking living off coke and tequila and buying land which they’ll ‘get the locals to build up’ very strange. It’s what I’d picture a town full of mid life crisis’ers to look like.

For me, this made the overall feel of the town less ‘authentic Ecuadorian place of healing’ and more ‘eccentric Gringos proving how spiritual they are living among local Ecuadorians’.

That being said, I had the most relaxing week up in my Eco lodge (picture to the right…) and would reccomend it to everyone. The Rumi Wilco, a short walk out of town and much nicer/well equipped than the hostels in town. I found my birthday buddy to hang out with and the cutest kitten in the world…

Most of the people I did meet were 90% lovely bar a few oddballs. The views are spectacular at Rumi Wilco and due to volunteering a couple of hours a day-super cheap If I was to visit again however, I would go with someone I could get massages and speak Spanish with!


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