Booty Bass – old

Booty Bass was started after Ngaio started DJing in 2016 as a place to play out the more excitable inspired aspects of her musical identity. What started as a chance to experiment with much loved genres, quickly blossomed into a new love.

Booty Bass was created as a way to connect with fellow female DJ’s playing music for the booty with a solid amount of bass which quickly evolved into a night. Securing residencies in Bristol, Booty Bass is a place for all up and comers or fellow booty shakers to rock up for a good time. Specialising in World music, the night is influenced by music heard whilst travelling round the Caribbean, South America, Africa and Europe as well as the UK underground. If you’d like to book Booty Bass, please note we are no longer taking bookings for 2018 but are taking bookings for January – March 2019. Book here!