Blackbird – Out Now!


Listen to Blackbird on Spotify. Ngaio · Song · 2019.

It’s happened. Blackbird is officially in the world!

Premiered on Bristol 24/7 yesterday! As they said, this is a step away from all the booty shaking frivolous fun that some only know me for. It’s been important for me show the different sides of myself through music. I love partying, I love dancing and laughing but there’s more to me as an artist – and a person than that. There’s so much more going on in the world than hedonistic wonders.

I feel like we’re in the midst of change in so many ways. Everything is uncertain but for now we are able to talk about race, equality, feminism and respect in a mainstream way that was unheard of just a couple of years ago. Since Black Lives Matter, Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race, Grenfell, being silent on race in this country when you have a platform to speak is no longer accepted in the way it used to be.

I don’t think all music has to be political. Sometimes it can’t be because we need to switch off from this anxiety ridden society where fear and distrust is being fed to us sandwiched between sex and booze. But I do think that music is about more than romantic love. 

There are bigger things to think and talk about. Bigger questions that need to be asked internally and externally. More people willing to say ‘no, that’s not right’ and stand with those who are marginalised and ignored until a box needs ticking. 

Blackbird was written for black women and is a culmination of conversations and frustrations that have built up over time. It’s almost 9 minutes long and it is a journey that I’d like everyone who’s interested in the conversation to take with me. It won’t be for everyone – musically and lyrically – and that’s ok. I wrote this for my confused,  angry, lost younger selves over the years and we’ve said everything we needed to say. I’m looking forward to hearing what others think and if it sparks even a couple of conversations or encourages a few deeper thoughts, I’ll be happy.

Thank you to everyone who helped this happen:
Saffron Records
Coach House Studio
Community Resolve
Hen Wilkinson
Tom Hackwell
Laura Noir
Desmond Rogers
Tony Samuels

I haven’t felt so proud of anything for a while. This song truly reflects where I’ve been and where I’ve got to now. Thank you to everyone whos listened, shared and supported me along the way ???