DJ & Radio


My DJ sets are made up of sounds from around the globe, spreading messages that matter. Drawing heavily from my cultural background and travels, the majority of my mixes are multi-genre with the aim to take the listener on a journey around the world.

I wanted to learn how to DJ because I wanted to go to a night where I’d hear underground bass music in the same hour as afrobeats and dancehall. Blending bass and global music together, my sets include Afro, Baile Funk, Latin, Dancehall, Reggaeton and UK Funky tracks to name a few, as well as some Drum & Bass when the opportunity arises!

MY mixes go all over the globe but I have also been known to curate bespoke sets for organisations such as the Black History set for Shambala. I’ve also appeared on radio stations such as Kiss FM, BBC 1Xtra, BBC 6 Music, BBC Introducing, Trickstar Radio and Orkoro Radio in Ghana.


Kicking off my radio career at BBC Radio Bristol where I was trained, I have since had shows on Ujima Radio as a producer, SWU FM from its launch in October 2020-May 2022 as presenter of the Thursday Drivetime Show and now have a monthly show on Soho Radio broadcasting from London and New York.

I love radio; not only because I get to share and play songs I love but wouldn’t necessarily put in a DJ set, but also (and most importantly) to provide a platform for amazing local creatives and talk about things that really matter. My guests vary from respected musicians and DJs to local business owners and campaigners – if it’s something I’m interested in, I want it talked about! 

A regular feature included drawing empowerment cards for our health and well-being, playing a selection from my iTunes shuffle (where I pick the first few songs that come up on my shuffle from that morning, no matter how embarassing!), and interviewing a special guest, ending on a Booty shaking mix! Past guests have come on from all around the world including Penny Fro Real, MC Fox, Anna Morgan, Grove, Bianca Oblivion, LUNY, Kitchen Cosmetics and so many more!