Developing My Creative Practice

I have been screaming for about an hour. Like a niggling memory I’ve been desperately not thinking about an application I wrote in November. After putting together a seemingly unattainable 6 months of self development laid out in a spreadsheet which looked too good to be true it was pushed to the back of my mind for the fear of wanting it too much.

Even so since this time last week I’ve been refreshing my emails, checking the date me and hundreds of other applicants would be told if we’d been picked. I’ve been mentally preparing myself for the ‘unfortunately’ beginning of the letter and putting together Plan B’s for all the mini dreams that had been brought to the forefront of my mind. But none of that’s necessary now….because I GOT THE FUNDING!!!!!

THANK YOU to the Arts Council for funding me to Develop My Creative Practice! There’s so much I want to share about it but until everything is utterly locked down and in place, I’ll keep shtum! Just know that this funding is going to utterly change my course as a musician, songwriter, DJ, and performer. It’s going to take me on adventures with music at the forefront and it’s going to provide me with space and time I’ve desperately craved to focus on my development as an artist – technically, creatively and spiritually.

I am so utterly overjoyed. Thank you so much to everyone who’s ever come to a show, listened to my songs and danced at my sets – I wouldn’t be here without all of you encouraging me to follow this dream. Together, We Fly!!!!