EP Complete! and the Name is…?

Last night was my last in the studio putting the final touches onto the EP which just a few weeks ago felt impossible. It has been an experience for sure!

Truth be told at the beginning of this year I didn’t know what this EP was going to be. It still feels like the other day that I damaged my voice and was told I might have to have surgery. When that happened it hit me so much harder than I could explain to anyone because I didn’t think I was going to be able to do music again – not how I wanted. When my voice came back and the opportunity to be a part of the Saffron Records Artist Development programme came up, I went for it. But then.., my old friend The Fear appeared.

What if I didn’t know how to write anymore? What if all my lyrics were vapid and meaningless? Maybe I’m just ok at harmonies but I can’t write hooks? Why did I take this on? I’m such an idiot…and around we go. Once I’d geared up enough to fall into pure panic mode, I called my mum at the brink of a breakdown (such a lucky woman she is). She calmed me down, booked a train to come see me and we developed the very first tingling of my brain ideas together. That was the beginning of the EP and since then those ideas have blossomed and developed, not just through the incredibly talented musicians in the band (without who this EP would be a shell) but through my everyday experiences.

The music video day was a huge turning point for me. Seeing all those Queens in Ashton Court Mansion taking up space dressed to the nines in African print brought joy to my heart gave me the confidence I needed to bring out Blackbird. I was scared, absolutely terrified because honesty doesn’t always go down well, so I am so SO thankful to everyone who has messaged me support. Every time I read a comment from someone who’s engaged in my music I save it in a folder for the times when The Fear comes knocking.

Looking back at the pictures from that day I decided what my EP was going to be called. After a month of having no idea, one day it became clear. Between Blackbird, this journey, having my Queens around me and seeing the much-needed conversation around the black female experience being had openly so we’re all able to support each other I kept thinking…look at us flying. Raising above others low expections and unhelpful narratives, taking control of our lives and reaching for our dreams. We Fly.

So that’s the name and this month (coincidentally Black History Month) I’m going to be spotlighting all the people behind Blackbird, the EP and this journey with a snippet of each track from We Fly landing every Friday until… THE LAUNCH!!! November 1st, come and celebrate with me. I’ll be playing all the tracks from We Fly for the first time following an interview and Q&A with myself. There will, of COURSE, be sets from your favourite Booty Bass DJs throughout also.

£5 tickets are available via Headfirst NOW so please do share the event with your friends, families, cats and dogs – let’s do this Bristol style ?