Festivality Casualty


Having barely recovered from Secret Garden Party, along comes Boomtown! Now, I love a festival as much as the next raver. I fully  embrace my hippy side by wearing mismatched clothes, waving farewell to any sense of personal hygiene (bar the mandatory baby wipe shower), chattin breeze to individuals never to be seen again, and generally behaving in a raucous unashamed

 way. Fine for a festival, less acceptable in the real world. Of which I may have slightly lost grip of…however now thats all over, its time to say farewell to the festival mentality and start treating my body with a wee bit more TLC (for the most part). Today is a new day! But before I turn my back completely on the mud, portaloos, and uncomfortable moments day time drinking around children…here is the picture show of 2012 festival fun times…

SGP was a last minute outing – I’m talking the day before last minute. Got a cheapo ticket, knew a crew that was going, and was on me merry way! Though not before going to my big bro’s wedding in London on the Friday which was amazing. Despite missing the actual wedding, it was so good to meet my sister in law and so many Anyia’s – more than I’ve ever seen in recent memory! Also awesome to see my bro who looked so handsome in his white suit 

(which I ruined at the moment of my arrival by getting red lipstick on his lapels during an excitable hug…). After having a fair few glasses of strong red wine (drunk predominantly through the speeches-standard) I stumbled onto the tube with my festival bag, travelled to SGP, 

arrived at the festival finally around 10pm only to find that all my friends phones were off…bit of an issue as my festival bag was with them, as was my accommodation in the form of a shared tent.

Ever the optimist, I made myself a strong drink, put on my glasses, and decided I would wander the festival till I found them. The seeds of doubt began to form 45 minutes in, when at the main stage I realised it would be a miracle to find a group of 10 in a crowd of 26,000…and yet miracles do happen! I wandered down to the big tree by main stage, looked for a group of people dressed like maniacs, and low and behold! I had found my group. So that was Friday, Saturday was a day of dance-off, and the birth of the tripod. I laughed for eight hours straight, despite the sludge mud we were wading through and ended it by raving to Oxide and Neutrino, amazeballs. Sunday went by in a 

bit of a blur but there was dancing, there was drinking, there was laughing, with the slight fear at the back of the mind of the upcoming travel home….which was suitably horrendous. Thank god we had this song to play us out…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfw0pJUyT34

Then came Boomtown, where Bristol goes to listen to urban music in a field – it was fucking amazing. The new garage area was a personal highlight. Everyone went in hard at the Bad Apple from day one which set the groundwork for upcoming carnage. Friday was laughing like a giddy idiot, and looking more lost than an abandoned child. Saturday was singing in the Hidden Wood with Laid Blak, meaning I kept myself fairly sober through the day. Arrived at the stage to a full house- literally had to battle my way to the front for when I was called up. Loved every moment of it, standard. Give me a mic, and a stage, and I’m home! Sunday, in a bid to make up for the easy ride the day before I started the day with vodka…realised that was a mistake when I went back to the tent to refill it and passed out for 3 hours – fail. That evening was Arcadia, and another little visit to the Bad Apple-where it all began. Overall, Boomtown = Bristol with no rules, and many a story. Wouldn’t be a summer without it!