George The Poet, Start The Bus

Last month I went to see George The Poet at Start The Bus but before I write about the show let me just give you a bit of background.

I’ve been following George’s career for a hot minute. Like most, the first I heard from him was ‘My City’ published ahead of the Olympics. Some time passed and then he popped up again on 1xtra and I was mesmerized. I remember tidying my room when his live lounge came on and it was one of those moments when you just sit down and take it in. 

After that I searched every YouTube video, found the Chicken and the Egg EP and vowed to see him live and talk to him one day. Fast forward a year or so and here I am, working at BBC Radio Bristol and he’s coming to Start The Bus! 

So I send an email to his manager to say ‘oh hey I see George is coming down, can I get an interview?’… No reply. I call Start The Bus looking for an alternative email address… No reply. So I think ok, well I’ll give them a couple of weeks – he must be busy. It gets closer to the event, I think, let me just get a ticket to be sure I actually get to see him anyway. Sold out. SOLD OUT?! Naaaaaah. I don’t THINK so.

Believe me when I said I chased this guy for a solid month and then finally, a week before the event, I got an email back and a number. I organised a chat before the gig, thought about the questions I was going to ask and felt confidently prepped.

Slight hiccup occurred when my back went out and I was left horizontal the day before the event. I’d been looking forward to this for more than a month and then my backs gonna go and do that to me?! Peak. I laid up in bed for the whole day before boshing two very strong painkillers and heading out to do my first ever solo interview.

Watching George The Poet I felt like I was a part of history in the making and isn’t that what this generation needs? Someone to lead and inspire not just through a talent but with a wide breadth of knowledge that you can’t help but be drawn into, and listen to. It was like being in a university lecture where you didn’t feel talked down to but included in the concepts that were being discussed. 

Afterwards George sold and signed his book Search Party, I’m pretty sure everyone bought one.

If you ever get the chance to see George, make sure you do. Your eyes will be effortlessly opened by the end of it.