Glastonbury 2019

I can’t believe there’s no Glasto this year…

It is shocking that I haven’t written anything about Glastonbury yet but to be honest the whole thing was so mind blowing I’ve had to find a time where I can sit, think and actually digest properly what that whirlwind was…and that time…3 weeks later…is now!

First thing to say about Glasto is that despite being the big Daddy of the festival world, the stress in the lead up to it is intense. Do you ever have that moment when you’ve got a big event coming up and butterflies start in your stomach the night before thinking about what could go wrong, what could go right, what you have and haven’t planned for? Well Glastonbury’s like that but the lead up is a month. The week before I was a nervous wreck just thinking about all the things that could go wrong and lo and behold…

Main USB reformatted itself and deleted half my tracks
Stuck in the sin bin for an hour and getting in a few minutes before gates closed
Hayfever kicked in drying out my vocal chords
Rain kicking in at night just as we’re putting our tents up

Samula Stage, The Common

That was all on the first day, but we power through. What’s amazing is that as soon as the things go wrong there’s nothing else to worry about. Once you’re in the centre of the storm you stop trying to catch all things flying around your head – you give into the madness and once you do…well. That’s where the fun really lies.

Thursday was my gig at Samula at the Common. Brand new stage it was a sight to behold – the stage was made from recyclable metals with balconies on each side and projections everywhere. Walking into backstage my stomach plummeted with fear as I wondered if I was going to bottle the set I’d been planning on – risky mixes and singing whilst DJing.

Walking onto the stage I was shitting my pants. Head down, phones on, I dove headfirst into my dream set. The noise from the crowd each time I picked up the mic to sing filled me with so much joy. I barely had time to take in what was happening until the end when I looked up and saw this sight which blew my mind. Thank you from the bottom of my heart everyone who came to see that set. I was terrified and you gave me the confidence I needed, not only to do it but to pursue it as the next phase in my musical journey.

That moment was a gamechanger for me in confidence but the thing that made Glastonbury really special last year was being able to go as a crew. Booty Bass did 3 takeovers that year including one all nighter programming the Sistxrhood in Shangri La. For some it was their first Glastonbury and I have never felt so proud. We got to know each other better, partied together and bonded with every show we played. My first ever Glasto at 12 years old will forever stand out due to the fierce females I discovered there. It gave me something to imagine and work towards; to be one of those bad ass women one day. To have come back 17 years later with my own DJ crew, bwoy – my 12 years old self would have been hella proud. Just look at how amazing they are ?

DJ Bungzo