Hail Mary

The opening track of my EP: We Fly, Hail Mary, was written about using your voice even when it would be easier to be quiet. Taking chances and sparking conversations.  

I love the country, bluegrass blues feel of Hail Mary. When I listen to it, it makes me think of happy defiance and dancing like nobody’s watching. Being proud and confident in what you have to say and not being easily silenced. Hail Mary is about upsetting the apple cart when truths are needed, and being allowed to do so. It’s about being heard as well as being seen.

I’ve spoken a lot about the power of ones voice in regards to allyship; using the voice that you have to support others who are silenced.Being confident and brave enough to use your power to call out bad behaviour, even when it would be so much easier to stay silent, because the conversation doesn’t begin and end in safe spaces.

I’ve often thought how much easier life would be if I did just sit down and embrace some silence because sometimes being outspoken comes with the pressure of having answers. But that doesn’t need to be the responsiblity of one person, we’re moving into a time where people are more able to self educate and pass that education on. Will it be uncomfortable? Yes. Will you learn some things about yourself? Yes. Will it be a waste of time? No. Never. Taking time to walk in other people’s shoes so you can connect with a range of different experiences and people can never be a waste of time. I think we should all be trying to be the best ally’s to each other that we can – and if that mean’s being a Hail Mary now and then, so be it.

We Fly is now on pre order via Bandcamp and me and the band will be playing it along with the rest at the EP Launch on Friday! Tickets available via Headfirst now x