inside out – open music day at bristol beacon

Last week I ran the latest Empowerment Programme with Bristol Beacon discussing feminism and empowerment with young women and non-binary people. Over the 3 days, we dissect what feminism means to us individually, how it supports a variety of identities in society, and why it’s so important.

Then we look at how to express these themes through creativity. This can be a song, spoken word, music production, DJing, drama, dance, band, photography, or videography… Anything the young people want to do, we will try to make happen. Every group is different, and every takeaway is different.

Inside out – open music day

This Saturday, Bristol Beacon is hosting Inside Out – an Open Music Day 

‘This is your chance to have a go, join in and find out about everything we do to help make space for music in Bristol. Enjoy free performances all day from local artists, with plenty of opportunities for everyone to get stuck in. From DJ demonstrations to early years singing workshops’

I’ll be sharing a section of the performance I gave at the #WikiLeaks event organised by Shangri-La and A-Political last weekend. I’m really enjoying combining my music; spoken word and singing, with my DJ sets. If you’re free or know a creative that is, spread the word and come to see what it’s all about! I’ll be in the foyer 1.15-1.45pm on the decks and the mic sharing some new material.

Everything that I do – from the music I write to the projects I work on, to the community we’ve created through Booty Bass – is about empowerment. Empowering people to see their value and believe in their dreams. To celebrate all the diverse voices and ideas that can come from collaboration. Understanding that everyone’s input is needed and should be celebrated.

There is so much on offer around the city for people who want to explore their creativity. Next week I’ll be sharing a list of organisations making space for new voices in the industry.