Meet the Band!

It’s rare that you put a group of people together that have never met before and they gel as beautifully as this one has. Each member of the band is absolutely fantastic within their own right and I’ve met them all in totally different circumstances.
Tom Hackwell multi instrumentalist and mixing/mastering/sound engineering wonderman at Coach House Studio I met 8 years ago at an open mic night. Fellow Saggitarius, our birthdays are a day apart and he is the best partner in musical crime with an ability to hop on board my mentally optimistic train, stay calm and carry on. A huge part of the sound of We Fly has been developed with him through hours in the studio – total legend.
Laura Noir another multi layered musical vixen, I met her online as Tasty Lopez when listening to her being interviewed by our mutual buddy Murder He Wrote. Over the airwaves I fell in love, jumped on Twitter to fan girl and became online buddies. Skip forward a couple of months and she’s staying at my house whilst djing in Brizzle. The click was immediate. I find out she has the most beautiful voice AND plays the bass – incredible human.

Desmond Rogers I met way back when I was singing with Laid Blak and when I was sitting at The Old Market Assembly doing some sort of work I heard him sound checking. Up pricked my little ears and that was it – a few minor stalker-ish messages and he was on board! I love the way Des plays the drums, it is transformative they way he can slip between genres and yet still make everything sound coherent – vibes man for the win.  

Tony Samuels was a standard ‘Bristol friends of friends’ meeting as far as I can remember. He hopped on the percussion whilst I was djing at The Plough Inn and it was wicked! My music definitely has an afro/trip hop vibe to it and I was also really adamant that I wanted some latin flavour as well so – enter Bongosan!  

And last but not least, Karen Nyame-Gyamfi who can’t join us but will be there in spirit and has also laid down some percussive wonderment on We Fly. I also met Karen over the airwaves, another super fabulous DJ and a producer. She’s actually remixed one of the tracks from the EP which will be going out as a separate project on Durkle Disco in 2020. Watch out for her – true bad gyal.   

We Fly would still be an idea in my head if it wasn’t for these wonderful talented group helping me to bring it to life. I cannot thank you enough and I cannot WAIT until everyone can hear how fantastic you are tomorrow the EP Launch : We Fly ????