Music has always lived inside me. I can’t remember my first proper conversation but I remember the first time I ever sang on stage – at 6 years old bellowing out Down Came The Rain feeling terrified, exhilarated and truly seen.

Music makes me feel safe, it always has. That safety allows me to confront the things inside that I can otherwise hide from. It helps me to understand my thoughts and be vulnerable. Writing music was my first kind of therapy and always will be, it comes from the heart. It is the truest part of me and I feel blessed to be able to share it with others. 

WE FLY – 2019 EP – Saffron Records!

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NGAIO – 2016 debut EP – Self Release


Blackbird on Saffron Records

See Them Remix by Cardinal Sound on Durkle Disco

Caramel Remix by Royal Flush

Clip My Wings – Wkend Rip

Butterflies prod Unkey