New Queen Of Silence

New Queen of Silence

So I went to go and see a throat and voice specialist yesterday and didn’t get the best news…

I was told that I have a nodule on my vocal chords and it’s likely going to need surgery. My voice hasn’t been right for a while but I wasn’t expecting this at all. I think after recording through laryngitis last year and general stress over the past couple matched with partying, shouting over music and generally be my loud AF self has pushed my voice to it’s limits.

I’m pretty devastated – there have been a lot of tears, but I’m trying to see this in the most positive way possible, as a way to concentrate on delving deep into Logic and working on production, as well as the DJing and trying to be ‘a different version of myself’.

Until then, doctors orders are to be ‘selfish with my voice and speak as little as possible’ for the next 4 weeks at least which isn’t going to be easy, I already miss singing. Nevertheless I will be trying my very hardest not to speak, which will be highly restful for everyone else!!Permissions to hit me if you see me anywhere near a cigarette. I’m also not allowed to drink coffee or alcohol. If we were meant to do music together, there’s going to be a month-ish hiatus, though I’m still going to writing so I’ll be about.

Apart from the news, I’m still pretty chipper – just quieter 😉 – so still come and talk to me. I just can’t talk back for a bit xxxxx