Streetfest Vs Carnival

Did NOT realise there was so much to Nelson Street! Jig-tastic music everywhere, (somehow it always sounds better when its free) and graffiti that totally blew me away. Saturday was standardly rammed, and all the different areas were awesome. Sunday was a more chilled affair but I went down to do some busking at the BCFM  stand anyway, which was fun. Slightly confusing finding the right spot in my rather delicate state, (there were roughly 6 different busking spots) but it was a good opportunity to have another look at all the graff and hear some fellow Brizzle musicians (scroll down for pics).

But I gotta say, despite the awesome street art, Notting Hill stole the show. I think the last time I went to carnival was about 7 years ago. I remember wandering around an unknown street, seeing some x-rated dancing, and drinking warm cider….some things never change. I thought it didn’t get better than St Pauls, which is brilliant in its own right, but Notting Hill blew me away. The sheer amount of stages was insane, and the people! So. Many. People. I went down on the Sunday to ‘get my bearings’ which was… optimistic to say the least. Despite it being kiddy parade day, it was rammed, and the dancing was…of an adult nature. One of the more aggressive daggerings I was subjected to viewing was that of a woman in her mid 30’s, on a moving platform, getting dry humped so vigorously that her breasts flew free from her top (…no bra, no need…). Sadly she didn’t realise this until the pointing and laughing in the crowd began. Not that she was bothered. Popped em back in and carried on-carnival vibes! Horrendous and hilarious in equal measure.

Standardly I failed to sleep that night, despite meaning to take it easy to get ready for proper carnival on Monday…but hey! Ever the trooper, I filled up me rum bottle and headed out to try and find my stunner of a cousin shaking her money maker in the parade. Of course, I didn’t manage to find her, but she looked stunning none the less! Highlight of carnival was the Digital Soundboy stage which hosted Rodigan b2b Breakage – fucking amazing. Ms. Dynamite popped in too. It was beyond rammo, so we managed to hop (or in my case clamber ungracefully) over a rather large fence and rave out in someones garden for a good few hours. Pretty much just a good day of dancing, ending with a sweaty tube ride to a friends house party…

Now, normally the journey wouldn’t have a cause for mention because in general getting from A to B  is pretty boring. However, there is a story here that must be told… If you’ve ever been on the London Underground you’ll have heard the booming voice which reminds individuals to ‘MIND THE GAP’ at every stop. Personally, I try and ignore that voice, because its annoying. And every time I hear it, there’s a part of me that thinks, ‘who is this actually  for? No-one is stupid enough to need that shouted at them every time they enter/exit a carriage’. Well, I’ll tell you who its for. People like my friend Lowi. OH YES! IT HAPPENED! SHE FELL DOWN THE GAP!!! Never have I laughed so much on the tube. Gone were any thoughts of worry, sympathy, fear, I was a hysterical, giggling wreck. I don’t quite know what happened apart from, one of her legs was in the carriage, the other was down the gap. How it got there, I’ll never know. Thank god the boys behind pulled her up, because looking back I dread to think what could have happened. But really now, if even an intelligent girl like Lowi can be conquered by the gap, there is fear in my heart for us all. For the remainder of the journey, she was heavily supervised and the next day I was treated to this gem of a text: “Ow…my knee hurts, as does my hip. The gap was not a welcoming place for me. It was in fact, very hostile”. Brilliant.

Overall, despite the fantabulous graffiti, I’d have to say Carnival 1: Streetfest 0 – Solid effort Brizzle, but this time London wins hands down.