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“A force to be reckoned with, NGAIO is more than just a singer. This powerhouse of a performer can switch from a killer DJ set to delivering intricate jazz harmonies with a voice that could have stepped out of the 1940s, to heart-hitting spoken word. Expect music that crosses cultures, pushes boundaries and leaves you wanting more.


NGAIO’s EP We Fly saw recognition for her ability to rouse your musical and intellectual interest through a blend of genres sitting underneath lyrics that left your mind thinking and your feet moving.

Latest release:
Breathe – Cardinal Sound ft. Ngaio on Archway Records

DJ & Radio Host

Ngaio’s infectious party starting selections saw her being booked at Glastonbury the same year she learned how to DJ in 2016. Since then she has played countless festivals, runs events with her all female/non binary DJ crew Booty Bass and hosts a monthly radio show on Soho Radio. Previously, Ngaio had a weekly radio show on SWU FM. 

Head to the video to watch an hour of party-starting rhythms, direct from SWU FM for We Out Here festival. 

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NGAIO’s high energy DJ sets are made up of sounds from around the globe and messages that matter, drawing heavily from her cultural background and travels.

Blending bass and global music together, her sets are likely to include Afro, Baile, Dancehall, Reggaeton, UK Funky and maybe even a little bit of Drum & Bass for all the ravers!


The room was silent and focused, with every individual fixated on the striking composure of the poem. She delivered a rousing speech about challenges she had with her identity, always feeling like she never fully belonged to the black or white race, finalising the poem by saying:
“I am who I am because of what has nurtured me. And that runs deeper down than skin. There’s so much more than one ethnicity. So why should I choose a side to live in.”


If you like what you hear, please support my music! Buying a physical or virtual CD will keep the music with you forever and includes bonus music videos. Most importantly, it will support me to keep creating! A secret seamstress, you’ll also find upcycled sweaters and shirts in my shop with appliqued African fabrics that I’ve collected on my travels and sewn on with my own sweet hands

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Music is a listening sport but there’s a fair lot that goes on behind it. Whether it’s deciding what tracks to put in a new mix, going through the writing process, writing about what drives me as a creative and where I get my inspiration and the people who I work with along the way, I tend to document my musings here.!

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We Fly – Launch Party

We Fly – Launch Party

Wow. Just wow.  I am so utterly blown away by the amount of people who came and supported the release of We Fly.  150+ of you singing Blackbird back to me was what the dreams of 9 year old me were made of.